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Select Sport America Sponsors Alianza De Futbol

Select Sport America Sponsors Alianza De Futbol

It was back in 2004 when we decided to dedicate our lives to produce programs for Hispanic soccer players here in the United States. We never imagined that we could make it to where we are, with events in 22 cities, 27,000 participants and 250,000 spectators. Our goal was simple: help develop soccer in the US.

Seven years later, we’re still here and that’s because our sponsors’ support, especially Verizon. But we couldn’t have made it so far without your passion for such a beautiful game and your confidence in Alianza de Futbol Hispano.

You may ask yourself: How is it that two ‘gringos’ decided to penetrate into the Hispanic soccer market? We could name many reasons, but the most important one is that nobody was giving Hispanic players what they expected from soccer: passion and opportunities to make their dreams come true.

This year we’ll produce more than 100 days of soccer: press conferences, tournaments, tryouts and clinics. Hispanic players along the whole country will play in front of professional and amateur scouts. Thousands of kids will participate in Verizon’s clinics and will receive tips from important former players such as Carlos ‘Pibe’ Valderrama, Alex Aguinaga, Luis Hernández, Ramón Ramírez and Jorge Campos.

Thanks to our scouting program, ‘El Sueño de tu Vida’, many Hispanic payers will be seen by professional scouts.

In the last three years, 18 players that participated in Alianza de Futbol have been recruited to play as pros in Mexico; 6 of them have been chosen to play for national teams from countries such as Mexico, Honduras and the United States.

Alianza de Futbol makes your dreams come true.

¡Let’s play some futbol!

Richard Copeland & Brad Rothenberg
Founders, Alianza de Futbol Hispano

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