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Select Sport America: Heading into the future

Select Sport America: Heading into the future

Dear Customer,

The world is changing fast. Fortunately, Select Sport has been able to continually develop soccer balls to become as perfect as possible since 1947. As you probably know we are the inventor of all major improvements to modern soccer balls.

More uniform world-wide marketing appearance.

On the marketing front, we have been working hard to achieve a uniform world-wide appearance and we are proud to present a more modern website, new marketing material and new ideas to make it even more valuable for you to be an Authorized Select Dealer.

SELECT SPORT produces more than 2 million balls a year.

We make 2 million balls a year, but we are still able to customize balls and make special logo balls for clubs, conferences etc. – of course, all are hand stitched.

SELECT SPORT provides the highest quality in the industry.

For the players, we continue to develop and introduce the highest quality hand stitched soccer ball on every price point, because we believe that quality must never be compromised, even though the competition is becoming more intensive than ever. Players shall not worry about getting the biggest savings on their purchases, they shall care about getting the best product for the money and Select is able to challenge all competitors in this respect.

New dealer section on our website

For our dealers we introduce a special section on our website that allow you to download pictures, logos, read latest product information etc. Please call or e-mail us for a user login and a password. If you need posters, banners or new special Select Sport ball shelves, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New shorter website address.

Our new website address is www.select.us

SELECT becomes official supplier of Monta Street Soccer Balls and Apparel.

Select Sport America is now also the official supplier of Monta street soccer balls and apparel. Monta is a cool looking street soccer line from Holland endorsed by the famous soccer player Edgar Davids. Please check the Monta section on our website for more information about this rapidly growing soccer segment.

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